Hey so glad you guys are all here .The big secret is out this is part of my Life now and I'm really looking forward to sharing of me the real me with you guys.commonn questions ask are your boobs natural the answer is yes.My bra size is 42.My foot size is 41.Im not married.My room is a place full of sexual Passion and fun for all types of people.Full of feminine and masculine curiosities.I love to drive you crazy with my attributes,my mind and my games.I have a deep seated Passion for fashion and beauty, engaging in modeling will help me Foster a sense of empowerment and confidence as I can learn to embrace my unique features, celebrate my bodies and exude self assurance both on and off the camera.Im a medic just finished my college trying to finish my college loan.moddeling Will help empower me by pushing me to embrace my authenticity and beauty

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